About Jenn

Like many practitioners, my personal health issues led me to medicine. Since doctors could not figure out why my bones were weak at the age of 20, causing my lower back fracture, or how to keep them strong, I had to take a diet and lifestyle approach to figure out what worked for me. This led me to internal martial arts, and subsequently, Chinese medicine, known for assessing the body without diagnostic testing.

After graduating as an Herbalist and Acupuncturist, and practicing internal martial arts for many years, I needed to integrate nutrition and testing to my existing knowledge, which led me to Functional medicine.

After years of training, I now felt comfortable using food, herbs, supplements, movement, hands-on therapies, stress management and behavior change tools to help myself and others. I also came to realize that such personalized medicine was not accessible to people without amazing health insurance, or lots of money. By combining Chinese medicine with functional medicine, I could reduce the need for so many functional tests up front, personalize the diet and botanical treatments further than what functional medicine practitioners were doing, while saving people money! Let me help you!