The Gibbons

Sean and I met in Chinese medical school in NYC (Pacific College of Oriental Medicine – PCOM). We both had a love of Chinese martial arts, medicine, and Daoist philosophy. Sean was PCOM’s tai chi teacher, and first massage graduate. I graduated from their herbal and acupuncture program.

I went on to treat in NYC’s financial district, both in private practice, and internally within the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Sean continued to teach tai chi, provide massage, and be the primary care giver to our two children, Kira and Kai.

We decided to set up our community wellness center in Beacon because we wanted to offer our services to a community that valued nature and local food, two key components to health.

So here we are! Sean and I have acquired so much knowledge and skill to help people with the simplest things, such as a cold, flu, or musculoskeletal pain, to the more complex conditions, such as chronic disease. Come by for a treatment, a remedy, or a class!