Complimentary 15-Minute Consultation

If you would like to ask me a question prior to working together, please schedule a complimentary 15-minute consultation.

Evaluation & Care Plan

This includes a thorough health history, a review of prior diagnostic tests, a physical examination, and a personalized care plan to work on resolving the underlying mechanisms causing your symptoms.

Jenn will provide a Functional Lab Chart and discuss with you what additional labs to consider; provide a Chinese medical analysis and diagnosis, and create a personalized care plan which will include:

  • Nutritional plan
  • Supplemental recommendations
  • Chinese herbal formulation
  • Movement program
  • Lifestyle adjustments

Herbal Consultation

A Chinese Medical Session is for a patient who would like to receive an evaluation and an herbal prescription, but does not want to complete a thorough health history, review labs, or receive dietary or supplemental recommendations.

Pediatric Evaluation & Care Plan

This includes a health history, physical examination, dietary, supplemental, and herbal recommendations.

Everyday except Fridays